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Getting started

If you are just getting started with ExcelOrgChart below are some general first-time guidelines

1) Make a pristine copy of your workbook if you bought it; should you have to revert to the original version

2) Select all your worksheet at once and adjust the Excel zoom level according to your screen size (useful for Mac users)

3) Column E and I in the master list are required. Column F to H may be used for additional data in your chart and can be left blank

4) Each master list entry needs to be assigned to an existing master list entry in column I otherwise it will be excluded from the chart

5) Duplicate names are supported when they are under the same "Reports To" branch

6) Set your preferences in the "Control Panel". Hover over an option in column M to show a help window

7) Click in cell M23 to generate your chart. Each time you click "Generate Chart" your chart is replaced. Make sure to make a manual copy to keep a previous version

8) Further customize your org chart with the built in Excel SmartArt functions and design tool. Click on your org chart and explore the options in the SmartArt design tabs

Editable Areas

In the Master List sheet you may insert rows after row 29 and insert columns after column S

Further Tips & Tricks

Make frequent archival copies of your workbook should you have to revert to an earlier version

Integrate ExcelOrgChart with Dropbox, Google Drive or other services

Encrypt and password protect your workbook to keep your data secure in Excel

Experiment with the hierarchy layout numbers in the "Control Panel" page

Minimum requirements

Excel 2007 and higher on Mac. Exel 2010 or higher on a PC. Your Excel version must allow Macro “VBA” programming code execution.

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